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Snoopit Imports has 15 years of experience in procuring products in China. Snoopit Imports management team visits China often and works directly with Chinese partners "on the ground" who oversee the process to ensure we are obtaining the best price and quality for our clients. We have imported hundreds of products over the years with unbeatable pricing that never cease to amaze. Please visit our product sample page to see a few of the products we have imported over the years.

Snoopit Imports focuses its efforts on products for small to mid-size companies and typically does not procure products for individuals, start-ups or Inventors (unless by an established company). We generally limit our procurement to one customer per product area and will not sell to your competitors. Snoopit Imports handles sourcing for Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers & Retailers across the US. Snoopit Imports regards Client confidentially as critical and will never publish our Clients identity.

Anybody can find a product on the internet and purchase direct from China... the key is knowing the manufacturer you are dealing with so you get the best quality, price and ultimately delivery of the product.