Chinese Imported Steel Rims for Recreational Vehicles

April 20, 2010 by admin
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China imports

Snoopit Imports recently secured a Chinese Manufacturer to manufacture steel rims commonly found on recreational equipment such as boat trailers, landscaping trailers, ATV’s, etc. These rims currently cost the customer between $34-$45 wholesale. Snoopit’s Chinese factory price is less than $20. That is a $20 landed cost to the customers US facility including Snoopit’s fee and transportation costs. By importing from China the customer is able to drastically increase their bottom-line while maintaining the same quality. With savings of over 40% China imports are hard to resist.

Snoopit Imports specializes in factory direct Chinese Imports on behalf of US based companies. For more information regarding importing from China, please visit or call Frank @ 407-745-0288 x4


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