China Imports – LED Fluorescent Lighting

April 23, 2010 by admin
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Chinese imports

Snoopit Imports has contracted with three Chinese manufacturers that manufacture LED Fluorescent lighting used in US commercial buildings. LED tube lights use up to 65% less energy; a 15w LED tube replaces a 44w standard fluorescent bulb. LED tubes contain no mercury, generate low heat and are a plug-in replacement for standard 4’ fluorescent tubes used in virtually every commercial building in the US. Sourcing in China direct from Chinese factories makes these LED tubes economical with a two year ROI and an average lifespan of 10 years. US based companies sell these tubes from $70 up to $150 per tube. Snoopit imports purchases these tubes directly from China manufacturers for $34-$42. It is no wonder that Chinese Imports are in the news daily.

Snoopit Imports specializes in factory direct Chinese Imports on behalf of US based companies. For more information regarding importing from China, please visit or call Frank @ 407-745-0288 x4


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