Socket wrench procured from Chinese factory for $.20 cents on the dollar

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Chinese import

Snoopit Imports recently procured a two-piece 1.5” socket wrench used for field personnel for large trucks for one of it’s customers from a Chinese Manufacturer. This socket wrench costs $80 wholesale from a large US based industrial distributor. Snoopit procured the same exact wrench from a Chinese manufacturer for $11.75 including freight to the US. The Chinese factory was able to produce the 3000 wrenches needed within 2 weeks, putting them at the customer’s doorstep within 6 weeks. Our customer’s response: “The wrench Snoopit had made in China was actually a better quality wrench than we currently use. It weighs 1lb more (total of 9.5 lbs). The savings are hard to comprehend until they are realized”.

Snoopit Imports specializes in factory direct Chinese Imports on behalf of US based companies. For more information regarding importing from China, please visit or call Frank @ 407-745-0288 x4