China Imports – Restaurant Table for Patio

May 18, 2010 by admin
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Made in China

Restaurant patio table

Snoopit Imports procured several hundred patio tables used in the restaurant industry directly from a Chinese manufacturer. These tables are made in China and as you would expect were much lower priced than patio tables found locally. In most cases, China Imports are consistently lowered priced, even when you factor in the tariff and shipping costs. The existing wholesale cost of these patio tables (purchased in the US) are approximately $ 280.00

Due to Snoopit’s direct Chinese factory connection, we supply these patio tables to restaurants for $140-$160, including four chairs. Because these are directly imported from China, the saving are about 50%. It is politically correct to say that Made in China products are lower quality although it should be acknowledged that nearly everything you purchase in a Wal-Mart or most retailers in the US comes from Chinese factories. Quite frankly, the majority of products that are “Made in China” today are good quality products.

Snoopit Imports specializes in factory direct Chinese Imports on behalf of US based companies. For more information regarding importing from China, please visit or call Frank @ 407-745-0288 x4


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