Birthday Candle Made in China

June 15, 2010 by admin
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Birthday Candle Made in China

Birthday Candle Made in China

Several years ago, Snoopit Imports purchased a specialty exploding birthday candle. These candles are very unique. There is one main candle to light that is centered inside a flower design made of plastic. Once the main candle is lit, the entire flower candle begins to spin slowing, plays Happy Birthday through a built in piezo speaker (like in greeting cards) , drops seven (plastic) flower petals, each with its own mini candle that is ignited from the main candle automatically. After about 10 seconds, the center main candle ignites with a sparkler like stream straight into the air approximately 6-12 inches high. This is the coolest candle and is always a huge hit at birthday parties. When we used these candles for our kid’s parties, we were always bombarded by other parents to find out where we got these candles.

For 10,000 candles purchased directly from a Chinese manufacturer the cost was less than $1.40 landed in Florida. These candles sell retail for $20 – $25 in the US or over the internet. As with most consumer items today, these candles were made in China due to China’s low labor cost. Due to Snoopit’s direct Chinese factory connection, we supplied these candles for less than 15% of the cost locally to purchase. Because these are imported from China, directly from the Chinese manufacturer, the savings are significant.

Snoopit Imports specializes in factory direct Chinese Imports on behalf of US based companies. For more information regarding importing from China, please visit or call Frank @ 407-745-0288 x4


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