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Chinese Imports are Snoopits expertise

Snoopit Imports specializes in Chinese imports direct from China manufacturers on behalf of US companies. We purchase products from dozens of China manufacturers on behalf of our clients. If we do not have an existing relationship with a factory for your specific requirement, we will source from over 3,000,000 China manufacturers, for virtually any product, saving your company a significant amount of money over current costs to manufacture or purchase, especially if in the US. Due to China's massive labor force and manufacturing efficiencies, it is not uncommon to save between 20% to 50% on China imports by purchasing directly from a factory in China, even if you are currently paying what you consider a low wholesale price now. With our vast network of factory connections and Chinese staff living in China, we will help you reduce costs and gain a competitive price advantage without dealing with the complexities of off-shore procurement

"Anybody can find a product on the Internet and purchase Chinese imports direct... the key is knowing the manufacturer you are dealing with so you get the best quality, price and ultimately delivery of the product. Our goal is to ensure your experience with Snoopit and Chinese imports is rewarding and satisfying"  CEO-Snoopit Imports

Call today to see how we can assist your company in significantly reducing costs. Tell us your requirements and we will locate the best supplier and handle the entire China imports procurement process.  When Snoopit Imports provides the Client a quote, it is always a landed cost inclusive of overseas shipping, tariffs and customs fees as well as our compensation.


Chinese Wholesalers
Source reputable factories
Sample prior to commitment
Negotiate: price,contract,schedule
Oversee production and quality
Handle: shipping, taxes & customs
Deliver final product to facility
China Manufacturers
product examples
China Factories
Custom bracket   65%
Paint cans   45%
Industrial shelves   50%
Plastic housing   58%
Aluminum frame   50%
Beer mugs-rest   55%
China Factories
Importing From China
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Snoopit Imports is US based
15 years experience
1000's of factories
Completely understand Chinese culture, market, business practice
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