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China Manufacturing Testimonials from Snoopit Clients

L.Reed C.Stose B.Allen

"We used to purchase a 3' extruded piece of aluminum from a local metal shop. When David stopped by our office and said he could save us half of what we were paying we didn't honestly believe he could. He took a sample and returned three weeks later with a sample from China that was identical to what we were purchasing locally. He saved us approx 55% over what we were paying. We have since had David source a couple of other products we manufacture and are excited about the results. Thank you for your service."

- C. Stose

"The metal bracket Snoop It had custom made in China that we use to mount our internal displays is the exact same bracket we have been using for 4 years. You reduced our costs by over 40%. Thank you again for your assistance"

- B. Alexander
Facilities Management LLC

"Thank you for your efforts on the plastic case for our repeller. Last year we paid 7 times what we are paying today thanks to Snoopit Imports. I've heard of cheap prices in China for years now and it never really registered until I realized them myself".

- D. Coffey
Pest-M, Inc.

"John asked me to send an email about our experience with Snoopit Imports and the product we import from China. I do not want to reveal the product other than to say it is a number plastic pieces that are an integral part of a larger system we manufacture and sell in the US. The amount of money we shaved from our production cost is significant, more than 70% on these particular components which translates to about a 12% overall savings on our entire system. I highly recommend Snoopit based on our experience. Thank you".

- J. Linden
TJ Enterprises, Inc.

"We are a retailer of advertising specialty products. Up until about six months ago, we purchased a variety of small ticket items from a distributor in the US (who undoubtedly was buying from China directly) that we market to larger corporations as "give-away" items. Using Snoopit's sourcing capabilities we were able to reduce our cost of goods by an average of 50% over last years COG. This is quite amazing given it didn't cost us anything to get started and was purely by luck that Snoopit's rep walked into our office".

- L. Reed

"SNOOPIT IMPORTS has been the best contact we have made since our company was founded. Up until now we have been paying wholesale prices for our paint cans, but we now have cut our costs 30% and that has been a huge savings due to the large volume of paint we distribute. I highly recommend you contact these guys before you spend another dollar with your wholesaler".

- B. Allen
Midwest Paint Co.

"I would like to thank Snoopit Imports for their prompt service and cost saving below our wholesale pricing. Our company has been manufacturing welding products and supplies for over 20 years and have never seen prices this low. If you choose not to use this Import service you are doing your company and employees a big dis-service".

- M. Peterson
Welding and Oxygen Services Inc.