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The Process

Locate Supplier
Based on client specs
Order sample (client expense)
Obtain: Price quote Delivery lead time Negotiate Contracts
Snoopit Oversees:
  Quality Control
Snoopit Coordinates:
   Shipping & Insurance
  Taxes & Customs
Product Sample
  • Client approves sample
  • Client places initial order
  • 50% typically required by client
  Factory ships production order
   25% typically required by client
  Snoopit receives & inspects shipment
  Snoopit delivers to client doorstep
   25% balance due from client
Chinese Importing Process through Snoopit

We start by understanding our client's product requirements and their goals. We will need a brief description of the product you would like us to locate along with a sample product, specifications, drawings, packaging requirements, printing requirements, quantities, etc. that may assist us in locating the exact product you desire.

We also need to know the existing cost of the product now being purchased or manufactured. This information will assist us in evaluating whether or not we will be able to offer you significant savings by sourcing in China. We usually locate a product with preliminary pricing within a few days. Typically the next step is to order a sample so the client may physically inspect the product prior to placing an order. Depending on the size of the product, it may take between one week and four weeks to receive a sample (smaller products can be shipped via air therefore taking less time). Once the sample has been approved by the client Snoopit Imports will handle all aspects of the production order, shipping, customs & delivery of the product to your facility.

Snoopit Imports will increase your profitability by lowering existing costs without significant investment. This will make your company more competitive without jeopardizing your commitment to quality.

Snoopit Imports does not have agency relationships with factories in China and therefore does not receive a fee from the factory. This ensures complete flexibility in locating the best factory to fit our client's needs and act exclusively on behalf of our client.

Snoopit Imports is compensated only if we locate & procure your product based on your specifications and acceptance. Our compensation is based on supplier cost and will be a part of the landed cost. When Snoopit Imports quotes a price, it will include our compensation as well as costs for overseas shipping, tariffs & customs fees. Our job is to source products in China.  If we cannot locate your product at the right price then there is no cost to you.